Columbia Pictures

Plant and Finishing at the Cutting Edge of Technology

We have a range of large format digital printing and finishing machinery and technology that ensure we can tackle indoor and outdoor advertising projects in house. From individually crafted bespoke items to vast hoardings and banners we have the cutting edge equipment to meet our customer’s requirements.

HP R2000 Series

Purchased in 2019 the latest generation flexible hybrid printer from HP enables Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD to print on both rigid and flexible materials with the dual flat-bed and roll features on the R2000. With an incredible color gamut and improved environmental credentials, the new machine helps Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD support the customers’ demand for environmentally sound supply chains. The R2000 is excellent at maintaining color consistency across multi-media projects – ideal for high end, luxury brands and retail environments. It is also ideal for printing glass manifestations, due to the dense and glossy white prints the machine produces.

HP Latex 3600

Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD purchased the cutting edge printer from HP in 2018 to work alongside the HP LX 3500. Similar in spec to the 35o0 the LX 3600 prints to 3.2m wide and uses the latest environmentally aware, FSC approved latex inks.

HP Latex 3500

Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD was the first company in the World to purchase the new HP Latex 3500 having been instrumental in its development with HP in Barcelona. Printing up to 3.2 metres wide, the machine produces high quality graphics at high production speeds, giving Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD the ability to meet extremely tight deadlines for high volume graphics.

It’s able to print fine details, offering a wide color gamut and a flexible ink layer using 6 colors and up-to 1200 dpi. Printing at 72 m2/hr for indoor graphics and 120m2/hr for outdoor, the speeds are incredible. Odorless printing and the high Eco standards of the HP inks means that prints are suitable for indoor environments, schools and restaurants.


The EFI VUTEk QS2 pro is a robust 2m UV printer with true grey scale variable drop technology. Printing 6 colors plus white with a 3 layer print capability it provides excellent color consistency and accuracy across a range of media and substrates. This enables greater PMS color matching essential for fine art and POP display graphics.

2 x HP LX570’s

The two HP570’s are known affectionately as the “twins” at Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD, enabling short run, high quality, fast speed bespoke work to be printed. With fast loading times, the purchase of these machines bridges the gap between Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD previous HP 360 machine and their more industrial HP LX 3500. The 570’s enable Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD to produce short run, high quality images, whilst benefiting from cost efficiencies through increased unattended printing times.

Kongsberg i XP24 digital cutting table

Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD produce a massive amount of printed material, most of which is bespoke. Most of this is produced on long rolls or very large panels which is very cost effective. All this material needs to be trimmed out and this machine does exactly that.

The Kongsberg i XP 24 offers versatility and accurate handling of a wide range of materials: corrugated board, solid board, foam, MDF, wood, styrene, vinyl, Plexiglas, polypropylene and aluminium. Accuracy and versatility comes from a wide range of tools including i-cut camera technology ensuring prefect registration when cutting complex printed graphics.

Traditionally the finishing elements of projects are blamed for bottlenecks in production but the high speed Kongsberg can deliver a wider range of products at four times the speed of other digitalcuters. It also operates 24/7, with fast changeovers for tooling. Press On have also purchased an optional high speed milling tool.

Crest 1600 Laminator

Hand built in Holland this machine applies protective coatings to rolls or panels of material. Typically it’s used for applying Anti Graffiti laminate to vinyl prior to its application to panels. We also have a second laminating machine that we primarily use for hot encapsulating film.

Rolls Roller Table Laminator

This machine enables vinyl to be mounted quickly and accurately. Until this machine came along all hoarding panels were applied by hand, now two members of staff can mount down up to 100 boards a day!

Summa Cutter 1600 S Class Vinyl Cutter

Cut vinyl is the mainstay of the signage industry. This machine is unique because it can cut printed self-adhesive vinyl not just plain colored rolls, using the OPOS recognition system. This machine is considered to be the best in its class both in speed and accuracy.

Drytac AFC1600 liquid laminators x 2

We have two 1650 mm wide liquid laminators that apply protective coatings to vehicle liveries and wallpaper graphics.

Solent Texsew Pro Conveyorline

We have a high speed sewing line for finishing PVC banners and most fabrics. It is used to create pucker free seaming, hemming and for adding pockets to a range of textiles.

GMG Color Server

This software manages the color representation on all of the printing devices to an ISO standard of 39L. It enables us to achieve consistent color across all of the different devices and ink types. In this way the same colors can be achieved regardless of whether it is printed direct to board, printed to paper or printed to vinyl. Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD was one of the first printers in the UK to invest in this technology and demonstrates our commitment to achieving the optimum color consistency available.

GMG Colour Management

The visual color impression is preserved, regardless of the printing process, press and substrate. For a customer this means that you can print across a range of products, banners, lift graphics, Foam-ex panels, and hoardings and ensure that the color (hence your branding) remains consistent.