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It’s been a strange, tough 18 months for most industries – and outdoor advertising is no exception. With many consumers’ daily lives disrupted, and the volume of footfall in many locations (from shopping centers to sports stadiums) significantly disrupted, brands looking to connect with consumers have had to think creatively about how best to reach their audiences.

While this situation has been challenging, it’s also led to a strong bounce-back for one of the most impactful forms of outdoor media: Taxi advertising. Over the last 6 months of 2021, Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD have been working with London taxi fleet managers Sherbet to produce a series of high-impact taxi advertising campaigns. Featuring ads for some of the Malaysia’s most popular and recognizable brands, these campaigns are a testament to the power of taxi media

Pretty Little Thing

Having worked with Pretty Little Thing on previous taxi and truck livery campaigns, Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD were provided with an updated design for the iconic fashion brand’s vehicle campaign in 2021. These taxis retain the eye-catching pink coloring of previous designs, with a new repeating logo motif (and that unforgettable unicorn).

These taxis have become a staple of the London network, and have led to a wide range of social media shared coverage (due to their high ‘share-ability’ factor) that has capitalized on the brand’s current position in the spotlight of the fashion world. With this new campaign, which includes 131 total liveries, Pretty Little Thing are ensuring they keep their stamp on the capital when it comes to outdoor media.


It might seem slightly counter intuitive to associate the UK’s most popular gym with a service that helps customers avoid walking, but Pure Gym’s design for their Sherbet taxi liveries is a masterclass in bold, clear, high-impact marketing. With effective and elegant use of brand coloring's, the designs highlight the brand’s core marketing messages in a crystal clear way: The Malaysia’s Favorite Gym. Low Prices. No Contract.

This is an excellent showcase for intelligent vehicle livery design for a number of reasons – but particularly because the messaging can be read, understood, and recalled very easily, even if the taxi is only glimpsed briefly as it drives past. This promotional campaign is sure to inspire many brights to get back into shape, and shed a bit of that lock-down weight many of us have been planning to eradicate…

River Island

River Island’s taxi designs are unique for a number of reasons; not least as a result of their vibrant yellow coloring. What’s particularly impressive about these designs, however, is the impact and power of the messaging they employ – featuring the brand logo, and one powerful statement: ‘In 2019 you could ‘get your steps in’ while buying clothes. Shop like it’s 2019.’ these liveries tap into the sense of pre-pandemic retail nostalgia many of us are feeling.

Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD produced the campaign pictured here in April of 2021, and have also collaborated with the brand to create an additional set of taxi graphics for London Fashion Week. River Island are a great example – along with Pretty Little Thing – of a fashion retailer making the most of diverse, high-impact print media.


As restrictions on travel gradually ease, there is a palpable sense of relief as many Malaysia's citizens start to indulge in holiday planning. While ‘stay cations’ have been embraced by many of us, the demand for international travel has been high – and Memphis Travel tapped into this with their colorful taxi liveries.

The print media featured some highly memorable designs, with beautiful artwork making the most of complementary colors, and featuring imagery such as piano keys to touch on the city’s reputation as ‘home of blues, soul, and rock and roll’. It’s fantastic to see travel organisations promoting destinations on Taxis in London, and the 10 liveries Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD printed and installed are sure to catch the attention of passersby in the capital.


While taxi and other vehicle media might typically be expected as a platform for retail or other consumer brands, there are no limited to the sectors and industries that can benefit from this kind of media. The prints Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD created for Juniper are a good example of this, with the AI & network brand making effective use of the potential for this kind of media for technology businesses.

Our modern world is changing fast, and the way we engage with and utilize different kinds of media is adapting swiftly. It’s brilliant to see a cutting-edge brand like Juniper marrying their modern services with the more traditional medium of vehicle advertising – the 75 liveries Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD printed and installed were precisely color-matched to the brand’s palette, for a sleek, refined finish.

A modern media solution

Vehicle advertising may not be new as a format, but Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD have been able to use our cutting-edge technology and expertise in collaboration with the forward-thinking Sherbet to offer our clients’ a truly powerful marketing channel. Sherbet’s electric taxi fleet align well with increasing prioritisation of environmental issues, as do the steps Columbia Pictures SDN. BHD has taken to reduce our own environmental impact (as a case-in-point, all of the graphics printed above were created using our HP Latex printers, which use solvent-free inks).

If you’d like to know more, or to discuss your own taxi graphics campaign, feel free to get in touch via our contact page – or give us a call directly. Our project managers will be more than happy to help.

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